BIOPON orchid care pump spray

Product intended for the cultivation of orchids grown in houses. Provides the leaves and aerial roots with proper moisture, similar to the microclimate in the natural growth conditions of these plants. Protects orchids from dust deposition.

unitunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
250 ml9 pcs11715904517024854
BIOPON balcony plant water soluble fertilizer concentrate

Plants need proper amounts of various compounds in order to grow fast and look attractive. That is what the highly efficient crystal fertilizer is for. It is suitable for all balcony and terrace flowers. It contains a complete set of macro- and microelements necessary for proper development of plants. Proper content of phosphorus and potassium guarantees abundant and long-lasting flowering. The crystal fertilizer is easily soluble in water and therefore very accessible to plants.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
250 g250 l15 pcs2475904517008502
BIOPON GEL cactus fertilizer

Innovative and exceptionally efficient mineral fertiliser adjusted to the special needs of cactuses and other succulents. Properly determined ratio of nutrients stimulates flowering of the plants, and provides proper growth and beautiful appearance of cactuses. Thick texture of the water soluble gel makes the fertilizer easily assimilable by plants and easy to use.It does not spatter when poured and allows for precise dosing. Its regular use helps to maintain excellent condition of cactuses throughout the entire year.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
0,25 l105 l6 pcs12765904517106109
BIOPON strawberry fertilizer

Multicompound granular fertiliser for strawberries and wild strawberries in field cultures. Precisely determined nitrogen level provides for optimum growth of the shrubs, without accumulation of harmful nitrates in the fruits. Potassium contained in the fertiliser improves fertility of the plants and stimulates their profuse flowering and fructification.

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packet 1 kg25 m²10 pcs10605904517008908
BIOPON autumn lawn fertilizer

Multicompound soil-applicable granular fertiliser uniform in consistence (complete formula in every granule). Lack of nitrogen results in limited lawn growth, so in long periods of warmth frequent mowing is not necessary. High potassium level enhances frost and disease resistance. The fertiliser ensures long-lasting replenishment of mineral deficiencies in the soil and builds up reserves of nutrients needed for vegetation in the next season.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
packet 1 kg50 m²10 pcs10775904517008588
packet with handle 3 kg150 m²3 pcs10805904517008595
BIOPON multi-purpose long-acting fertilizer

Innovative long-acting fertiliser for house and garden plants. Two-stage formula of the granulate allows for gradual release of mineral nutrients into the soil, which prevents plant over-fertilisation. One dose of the fertiliser supplies necessary nutrients throughout the entire season.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
packet 1 kg50 m²10 pcs11345904517009486
BIOPON leaf wipe

Moist wipe for ornamental plant leaves.

Cleanes, glosses, cares and limits dust deposition.

unitunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
1 pc90 pcs12405904517067257
BIOPON flowering plant fertilizer with vitamins

Liquid fertilizer enriched with mineral compounds, for all flowering plants. Vitamins B2 and B5 contained in the fertilizer, intensify the development of roots primordia of the plant making it strong, healthy and lush in colour.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
0,5 l50 l6 pcs2285904517008366
BIOPON garden potassium soap pump spray

Ready to use potassium soap solution for cleaning garden tools, greenhouses, foil tunnels, boxes, flower pots etc. Based on natural plant oils. Recommended for houses, gardens and ecological farms. Product can be used for spraying plants as a cleaning agent. Easily removes dead aphids, dust and dirt. Does not leave any residues.

Product can be used in ecological production according to Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008.

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0,5 l6 pcs4595904517063037
BIOPON anti-chlorosis preparation

Fertiliser with special formula for plants whose leaves turned yellow. Chlorosis develops as a result of iron and nitrogen deficiencies. The main symptom can be observed when green parts of plants turn characteristically yellow. Chlorosis affects not only ornamental plants but also vegetables. The use of the product can be remedial as well as preventive. It is recommended to stop the traditional fertilisation during the treatment.

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20 g10 pcs11725904517024861

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