BIOPON tomato water soluble fertilizer concentrate

Innovative multicompound soluble fertiliser with unique composition of macro- and micronutrients necessary for regular growth and fructification of tomato shrubs. Potassium contained in the fertiliser determines proper fructification of the shrubs.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
350 g350 l15 pcs2485904517008519
BIOPON creeper & clematis fertilizer

Multicompound granular fertiliser for all types of clematises, ivies, vines and other climbers. Properly selected set of mineral nutrients ensures perfect development conditions. Regular application guarantees vigorous growth, succulent green colour of the leaves, profuse flowering and intensive tint of the flowers. The plants maintain healthy appearance and are more resistant to wind and light frost. The fertiliser is readily absorbed by the soil. It is efficient and easily assimilable by the plants.

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packet 1 kg50 m²10 pcs11965904517044029
BIOPON rhododendron water soluble fertilizer concentrate

Specialised easily assimilable soluble fertiliser for rhododendrons and other ornamental plants thriving in acidic soil. Contains complete set of macro- and micronutrients necessary for regular development of the plants. Phosphorus contained in the fertiliser prolongs the flowering period and stimulates flower bud growth. Properly selected formula guarantees profuse growth and intensive colour of the flowers.

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350 g350 l15 pcs2585904517008663
BIOPON geranium water soluble fertilizer concentrate

Easily assimilable and soluble in water crystal fertilizer designed specially to fertilize all varieties of geranium. Properly balanced nutrients stimulate correct growth of the plant and lush colour of leaves and flowers. Increased content of potassium result in easier formation of flower buds allowing the flowering process to occur throughout the entire year.

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250 g250 l15 pcs2455904517008465
BIOPON autumn/winter pot plant fertilizer

Multicompound fertilizer for potted plants during the autumn/winter season.

When used regularly, enables better use of small amounts of light and supports the resistance to dry air.

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0,5 l200 l6 pcs12275904517066250
BIOPON growth regulator

The formula enriched with phosphorus accelerates the formation of the root system, increasing its weight. Deeply seated roots facilitate the assimilation of water and minerals contained in the lower layers of the soil. The fertiliser improves resistance to periodically decreased water accessibility.

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packet 1 kg10 pcs11875904517025035
BIOPON autumn lawn fertilizer

Multicompound soil-applicable granular fertiliser uniform in consistence (complete formula in every granule). Lack of nitrogen results in limited lawn growth, so in long periods of warmth frequent mowing is not necessary. High potassium level enhances frost and disease resistance. The fertiliser ensures long-lasting replenishment of mineral deficiencies in the soil and builds up reserves of nutrients needed for vegetation in the next season.

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packet 1 kg50 m²10 pcs10775904517008588
packet with handle 3 kg150 m²3 pcs10805904517008595
BIOPON citrus fertilizer

Multicompound and efficient fertilizer for all varieties of citrus trees and other Mediterranean plants. Contains a comprehensive combination of easily assimilated micro- and macro-nutrients. Provides proper development, beautiful appearance and healthy fruits.

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0,25 l75 l6 pcs12415904517083424
BIOPON orchid fertilizer with vitamins

High-quality, multicompound, mineral fertilizer coming in line with all specific requirements of all orchid varieties. Properly balanced compounds result in healthy, strong and beautifully coloured plants. The content of vitamins B2 and B5 triggers fast development of strong root system.

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0,5 l100 l6 pcs2705904517008946
BIOPON flowering plant fertilizing tabs with vitamins

Condensed fertiliser in the form of handy tabs for all types of flowering plants. Guarantees fast and precise fertilisation. Mineral nutrients contained in the tabs stimulate the growth of the plants, ensuring their healthy appearance and profuse flowering. Vitamins B2 and B5 accelerate root system formation, making the plants healthy and strong.

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20 pcs10-20 roślin30 pcs2435904517008397

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