BIOPON pot plant fertiliser

Mineral fertiliser for most types of plants grown in containers and pots. Its mineral ingredient formula stimulates balanced plant growth. It perfectly replenishes mineral ingredient deficiencies in plants grown in the same bedding for a long time.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
0,5 l100 l6 pcs11785904517024946
1 l200 l6 pcs11795904517024953
BIOPON soil acidulant

Specialised product used to improve properties of the soil areas where acid-loving plants such as rhododendrons and conifers are grown. Ensures long-lasting acidification of the soil by maintaining its low pH, thus providing proper conditions for the development of these plants. It is especially recommended for plants grown in the same place for a long time and which are not intended to be replanted.

unitunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
1 kg10 pcs11735904517024878
3 kg3 pcs11805904517024960
BIOPON multi-purpose fertilizer

Multicompound mineral fertiliser for all types of house, balcony and terrace plants. Precisely determined ratios of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ensure optimum growth and flowering of the plants.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
1 l200 l6 pcs10025904517008052
0,5 l100 l6 pcs10015904517008045
0,25 l40 l6 pcs10855904517008038
BIOPON mossy lawn fertilizer

Innovative multicompound fertiliser for lawns. Carefully developed formula guarantees regular growth, density and succulent green colour of the grass. Increased iron content prevents the growth of moss. Due to the nitrogen contained in the fertiliser, empty spaces are quickly covered with grass.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
packet 1 kg30 m²10 pcs10495904517008793
packet with handle 3 kg100 m²3 pcs10505904517008809
packet with handle 5 kg150 m²2 pcs11215904517009356
bag 10 kg300 m²1 pc10515904517008816
BIOPON ornamental grass seed mixture

Carefully selected grass seed mixture perfect for creating ornamental lawns in your garden and near your house. It ensures dense lush green sward with delicate foliage and slow growing pace, which makes frequent mowing unnecessary. The benefit of the mixture is that it is resistant to frost and, therefore, looks attractive all year round.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
0,5 kg20 m²10 pcs11085904517009097
1 kg40 m²5 pcs11075904517009080
2 kg80 m²4 pcs11185904517009196
5 kg200 m²1 pc11055904517009066
BIOPON rhododendron and azalea fertilizer

Specialised mineral fertiliser regulating acidity of the soil to match the requirements for rhododendrons and azaleas. Increased level of potassium improves the overall appearance of the plants and their resistance to diseases. Phosphorus contained in the fertiliser prolongs the flowering period and stimulates flower bud growth. Plants provided with the BIOPON rhododendron and azalea fertiliser are covered with flowers throughout the entire vegetation period.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
packet 1 kg20 m² lub 20 roślin10 pcs10585904517008885
BIOPON datura fertilizer

Specialised multicompound mineral fertiliser for daturas. Contains all the nutrients needed for optimum growth of plants. Increased nitrogen level ensures exceptionally profuse flowering.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
0,5 l100 l6 pcs10305904517008489
1 l200 l6 pcs10315904517008496
BIOPON multi-purpose fertilizer with vitamins

Concentrated, multicompound, liquid, mineral fertilizer for fertilizing all green and flowering plants. Contains vitamins B2 and B5, which intensify the development of the root system of the plants. A set of properly balanced micro- and macroelements ensures correct plant growth and development.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
0,5 l100 l6 pcs2685904517008724
BIOPON conifer fertiliser

Coniferous shrubs grow best in half-shadowed areas with slightly acidic soil. To maintain their beautiful appearance, the plants need to be properly cultivated. It is important to supply the soil with minerals and nutrients. BIOPON conifer fertiliser contains all the elements necessary for maintaining the adequate level of soil acidity. Magnesium contained in the fertiliser enhances resistance to diseases and prevents needle browning.

unitefficiencyunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
packet 1 kg25 m² lub 30 roślin10 pcs10525904517008823
packet with handle 3 kg75 m² lub 90 roślin3 pcs10535904517008830
bag 5 kg125 m² lub 150 roślin1 pc10545904517008847
packet with handle 5 kg125 m² lub 150 roślin2 pcs11225904517009387
BIOPON garden potassium soap pump spray

Ready to use potassium soap solution for cleaning garden tools, greenhouses, foil tunnels, boxes, flower pots etc. Based on natural plant oils. Recommended for houses, gardens and ecological farms. Product can be used for spraying plants as a cleaning agent. Easily removes dead aphids, dust and dirt. Does not leave any residues.

Product can be used in ecological production according to Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008.

unitunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
0,5 l6 pcs4595904517063037

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